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One RegEx Tool
to Rule Them All

ViRE gives Mac developers the interactive cheat sheet, step-by-step search and replace, and saveable workspaces to unlock RegEx’s true power

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The ultimate set of features you'd expect from RegEx pro tool for Mac developers

Build instant RegEx
by increasing your efficiency in creating RegEx with state-of-the-art Visualized Tokens for all available RegEx operators.
Embrace RegEx faster
by unveiling all RegEx capabilities via built-in one-of-a-kind interactive RegEx Cheat Sheet and Code Complete.
Perfect Your Search-and-Replace
by chunking down your steps and defining multiple Savable Workspaces to save and edit Search-and-Replace phases individually.
Create bugs-free RegEx
by leveraging built-in Unit Tests and Playground to find bugs quick and easy, create the most efficient RegEx, and gauge performance.
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With all this underhood power working with RegEx has never been easier 


Unicode Names for Code Complete


Unicode Property Names for Code Complete


Grasp more RegEx possibilities then in years

Check out why Mac developers, scientists, and professionals choose ViRE

"I used a few other regex apps before but neither of those could save my workspace. That was my biggest expectation that someone would finally do it. I am really happy that in this app I can store as many regexes as I want and get back to them when I need them. You’ve nailed it. You’ve got my 5 stars!"

– december nopal, 02/21/2021

"Regex is a great time saver but my issue is that every time I needed it I had to look for a cheat sheet. ViRE took my headache away completely with it s built-in help dropdown that works as code complete. Totally mindblowing."

– Lysyk, 02/17/2021

"I am translating book files in pdf format. I have to extract the clean text and remove all pdf formatting first. The current book is over 490 pages and to be able to regex the places that I need to edit is invaluable. I have tried many reg ex tools - I think all available for mac and most available for PC. I have landed with ViRE as it has a user interface that is easy to work with along with many other great functions and benefits. I recommend this tool for anyone who has to work with reg ex and who does not want to become a specialist but just get things done as fast as possible. My gratitude to the developer - great work!!"

– TheHylozoic, 10/16/2021


"It almost felt like a full-fledged IDE* that is created specifically for Regex! If you have to write a lot of regular expressions, you will find this tool very useful!”

– ainokna, 06/30/2021

When you are ready to see how ViRE can help you unlock RegEx's True power

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